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Planning to buy a refrigerator?

Are you confused which is the best refrigerator in India or which is the best double door refrigerator to buy? You have landed in the perfect place.

In this guide, I am going to tell you what are the things to consider while buying and how to choose the best refrigerator for your needs. It will also help you know about different types of refrigerators, why is a refrigerator essential, how a fridge works and which are the top 10 best refrigerators in India right now. I have written detailed reviews on them so that you can take an informed decision.

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
LG 260 Litres 3-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator – GL-1292RPZL 4.2/5₹₹₹₹
Bpl 564 L Frost Free Side-by-side Refrigerator4/5 ₹₹₹₹
Whirlpool 570l Frost Free Multi-door Refrigerator 4/5 ₹₹₹₹
Panasonic 307 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-free Double-door Refrigerator 3.7/5 ₹₹₹₹
Godrej 311 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator3.9/5 ₹₹₹₹
Whirlpool 240 L Frost Free Multi-door Refrigerator3.9/5 ₹₹₹₹
Lg 260 L 4 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator4.3/5 ₹₹₹₹
Lg 190 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator4.2/5 ₹₹₹₹
Haier 320 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator4.3/5 ₹₹₹₹
Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator4/5 ₹₹₹₹

Table of Contents

Buying Guide

Before comparing the fridges we will talk about the things one needs to consider as per his requirement to choose the best refrigerator.

The Capacity of the Fridge

A refrigerator is available in the market with different capacities. The fridge you pick up must have the capacity that satisfies all your requirements. However, some fridges come with greater freezer storage while some with greater vegetable storage capacity. Suppose, your diet includes lots of meat to be consumed then the fridge with more freezer storage is the ideal one. As it needs to be stored in a chilled place to stay fresh. A fridge with more vegetable storage space is ideal if you stock up all the veggies on a weekly basis.

The capacity of the refrigerator is measured in terms of liters, and on average, a small family needs a fridge with 180L to 280L. It determines how much stuff or how many numbers of items you can store and consume. The accurate capacity of the fridge for the accurate size of the family will consume efficient energy. Otherwise, your fridge will be overloaded or left with empty space, and energy consumption will not be efficient.

Type of the Fridge

As we have seen, various types of refrigerators are available in the market.  A single door refrigerator is best if the size of the family is two. If you are looking for a separate freezer compartment, then double door refrigerator serves the purpose. However, we have a top freezer compartment fridge and bottom freezer compartment fridge. The top freezer is the traditional fridge. While a bottom freezer is best if you hate to bend each time you pick a vegetable from the fridge.

Also, side-by-side fridge, french bottom mount fridge, multi-door fridge, door-in-door fridge are gaining more popularity. Each type of fridge has its own advantage and serves its purpose.  However, the type of fridge you select must match your daily using needs.

Defrosting Type

We have refrigerators available in the market with both the features like manual defrost and auto defrost. Generally, a basic model of the fridge comes with a manual defrosting option. In this type of fridge, you need to remove the formed ice from the fridge either by clicking a button or switching off the fridge by allowing build-up ice to melt.

While automatic defrosting is available in all types of fridges. This really helps you to melt built-up ice or accumulated ice hassle-free. Your fridge works for you, and it takes care of melting the accumulated ice. Also, they maintain consistent temperature throughout the fridge.

Power Consumption and Star Ratings

Every fridge comes with star ratings that are indicated on the fridge. Usually, your fridge is rated from one to five. One is the least efficient, and five is the most efficient. The maximum number of stars, less power consumption while the least number of stars, more power consumption. These efficient energy ratings are provided by BEE. If you are worried about the electricity bill then a higher star rating fridge is the ideal one to pick.

Water and Ice Dispenser

Modern refrigerators are coming with many interesting features. The water and Ice dispenser feature is the one interesting feature. Now, with this feature, you can fill your glass with chilled water without even opening the fridge doors. Also, you can have ice cubes or crushed ice directly into a can or container. The fridge that has water and ice dispenser features comes with a separate provision to fill your glass of water easily or take the ice easily.

Additional Features

Apart from frost-free, water and ice dispenser some fridge also has some exciting features like LED panel, door-in-door, knock and see. LED panel is provided for controlling the temperature settings from outside. While a door-in-door feature helps to pick the stored items that are only necessary and by not completely opening the door. Also, knock and see is another exciting feature that helps to know the items stored inside without even opening the door and by simply knocking the door twice.

Best Refrigerator in India 2020

1. LG 260 Litres 3-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator – GL-1292RPZL

LG is a popular name in consumer appliances in India. Almost every house in India has at least one LG product. Better known for its reliability, LG refrigerators have some of the best compressors in the industry. This refrigerator comes with delectable features. It indeed qualifies as one of the best refrigerators under Rs 25,000 in India today.

  • Frost-free double door fridge with a capacity of 260 litres
  • 3-star energy rating (as per 2020 standards)
  • Smart Inverter Compressor
  • One-year comprehensive warranty on the product
  • Additional nine years warranty on the compressor

The highlight of this LG fridge is the smart inverter compressor. This compressor is designed to deliver greater efficiency when ensuring an extended freshness retention period. At the same time, it makes the least noise.

The designing of the airflow vents is another positive aspect of this refrigerator. The fridge comes with multiple airflow cooling vents that distribute cold air to every part of the refrigerator. Thus, it ensures uniform cooling and maintains freshness for a long time.

LG maintains its tryst with technological developments by introducing the Smart Diagnosis feature in this fridge. It helps diagnose any problem that the refrigerator could encounter.

It connects with a mobile app on your smartphone to send an SOS signal and transfer data, thereby making it easy for the service centre to rectify the problem.

In this age of AI, it has become necessary to connect your devices at home. This fridge features the Auto Smart Connect technology that connects the refrigerator to the home inverter every time there is a power outage. Thus, it helps in maintaining the freshness of the food.

Maintaining the moisture balance is critical for preserving the freshness of vegetables and fruits that you place inside the vegetable box. This refrigerator comes with an innovative lattice-pattern box cover to maintain the optimum level of moisture inside the fridge.

Besides, this refrigerator comes with adequate storage space to keep sufficient 2L water bottles in the racks.


  • Smart inverter compressor saves power
  • Compatible with home inverter system
  • Smart Diagnosis feature
  • Moisture balancing qualities


  • Some customers have reported unsatisfactory after-sales service

2. Samsung 253 L 3-Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator – RT28T3483S8/HL

Along with LG, Samsung is a notable performer in the Indian domestic scene. Samsung has manufactured some of the best electronics products in India over the years. This refrigerator, with its high-class features, should rival the LG fridge discussed earlier as one of the best refrigerators in India under Rs 25,000.

  • Frost-free refrigerator with a storage capacity of 253 litres
  • 3-star energy rating
  • Digital Inverter Compressor
  • Maximum Cooling retention
  • One-year warranty on the product
  • Ten years on the compressor

Samsung refrigerators draw their power from a high-quality digital inverter compressor. This compressor not only makes less noise but also saves energy. This fridge comes with an inbuilt stabiliser function that eliminates the use of an external stabiliser. It can handle input voltage in the range of 100V to 300V.

Multiple airflow vents inside the refrigerator ensure that there is free circulation of cold air inside the appliance. This continuous flow of cold air enables all-round cooling. Secondly, this fridge comes with unique technology, Cool Pack/Cool Wall, that can keep the food items inside the freezer fresh for a maximum of 12 hours during a power cut.

BEE has certified this Samsung refrigerator as a 3-star appliance, thereby effecting sufficient power savings without having to sacrifice its performance level. This fridge is one of the most energy-efficient appliances in its category.

The Moist Fresh Zone inside the refrigerator controls the air circulation inside the appliance to maintain optimal humidity. It enables us to preserve the freshness of the vegetables and fruits kept inside the vegetable box. Another exciting feature is the movable ice maker to ensure the quick formation of ice.

The toughened glass shelves can hold up to 150kg of heavy load. Therefore, it can handle the heaviest of cooking utensils with ease. The easy-slide shelf feature allows the user to find and reach for the food placed at the back.

A highly efficient LED light illuminates the fridge interiors to make it easy to look out for your food at night.

The ergonomic design of the handle is another talking point of this refrigerator. Some of the other notable features include Power Cool/Freeze options and Fresh Room to store your consumable food items.


  • High-quality cooling performance
  • Efficient digital inverter compressor
  • Cool Wall technology to take care of power cuts
  • Can handle high voltage fluctuations


  • People have complained of a No-replacement policy

3. Whirlpool 265 L 3-Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator – IF INV CNV 278

Whirlpool is an ideal competitor to LG and Samsung because of its high popularity ratings amongst consumers. Having earned a name for itself in the consumer appliances category, Whirlpool has introduced one of the best refrigerators in India under Rs 25,000. This fridge comes with excellent features such as,

  • 265 litre capacity with Frost Free technology
  • 3-star energy rating
  • Convertible freezer with 5-in-1 modes
  • Adaptive Intelligence Technology
  • Intellisense Inverter Technology for higher efficiency
  • One-year warranty on the appliance
  • Ten years on the compressor

The 5-in-1 mode convertible freezer is one of the highlights of this Whirlpool refrigerator. This refrigerator, powered by adaptive intelligence, comes with the following modes to deliver high-quality performance.

  • All-season Mode
  • Chef Mode
  • Dessert Mode
  • Party Mode
  • Deep Freeze Mode

The Adaptive Intelligence feature works towards saving power while delivering high-quality performance. It senses the load and weather conditions along with the usage pattern to adjust the performance of the compressor, thereby saving valuable energy.

The Intellisense Inverter Technology senses the internal load and adjusts the cooling performance. Therefore, the consumer gets the maximum efficiency along with high-quality performance.

Zeolite Technology prevents the excessive ripening of fruits and vegetables while maintaining their freshness levels.

The MicroBlock technology uses a unique anti-microbial additive that inhibits 99% bacterial growth to keep the vegetables and fruits fresh for extended periods. The specially designed air tower with flexi vents ensures the proper distribution of cold air throughout the refrigerator.

This fridge features a Freshonizer functionality that reduces oxidation to maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables. The vegetable crisper comes with a Honey Comb Moisture Lock-in Technology to ensure optimum freshness of food kept inside the vegetable box.

This fridge is compatible with the home inverter. It can connect to the domestic inverter in the case of a power cut.


  • The convertible freezer allows the fridge to expand its storage space to suit the requirements of big families
  • Compatible with home inverter
  • Minimum noise
  • Capable of producing ice within an hour


  • The fridge has a low width, thereby making it difficult to place large utensils inside it.
  • Customers have complained of poor after-sales service.

4. LG 420 L 3-Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator – GL-1472QPZX.DPZZEBN

LG manufactures refrigerators to suit all families. If the 265-litre capacity was enough to cater to a family of four persons, this 420-litre fridge is ideal for the large Indian family. Hence, LG appliances have always been rated as the best refrigerators available in India. This 420-litre fridge comes with the following excellent features.

  • The capacity of 42 litres to cater to large families
  • Double door and frost-free refrigerator
  • 3-star rating from BEE
  • Smart Inverter Compressor
  • Ice Beam Door Cooling feature
  • Smart Diagnosis
  • One-year comprehensive warranty with ten years on the compressor

The Smart Inverter Compressor delivers the highest degree of efficiency by helping to retain the freshness and reducing the noise levels considerably. This refrigerator has gained a 3-star BEE rating in 2020, primarily because of this inverter compressor.

By connecting it to a mobile app, the fridge has a Smart Diagnosis feature that helps to diagnose and solve the problems that the appliance encounters from time to time.

This refrigerator is compatible with the home inverter, as it connects to it using the Auto Smart Connect technology. Thus, you do not have to fret over power cuts anymore.

This refrigerator features a Moist Balance Crisper, an innovative lattice-pattern box cover to help maintain the freshness and moisture levels inside the appliance. This feature prevents the formation of excess moisture, thereby enabling the vegetables and fruits to maintain its freshness levels.

The fridge comes with multiple airflow vents to ensure uniform cooling throughout the appliance. On the spacing front, this refrigerator is amongst the best in the business. It can store an adequate number of 2-litre bottles because of the adjustable racks and bottle shelves.

The deep freezer feature is different from its peers because of its greater depth and the presence of an LED light in it.Pros

  • Excellent cooling performance
  • Incredibly robust compressor
  • Saves power while delivering high-quality cooling
  • Ample space for storage making it ideal for large Indian families


  • There are no LED lights and temperature adjustment feature on the door panel.

5. Samsung 324-L 3-Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator – RT34T4513S8/HL

This Samsung 324-L fridge can cater to the needs of the medium-to-large-sized Indian families. This appliance is one of the best refrigerators available in India under Rs 35,000 because of its excellent features that ensure high-quality performance with optimum savings in power.

  • Frost-free refrigerator with a capacity of 324 litres
  • An additional auto defrost facility to prevent the build-up of ice
  • Digital inverter compressor
  • Convertible 5-in-1 modes
  • Cool Pack technology
  • One-year warranty on the refrigerator with ten years on the compressor

The highlight of this Samsung refrigerator is its convertible nature. It is possible to convert the freezer into a fridge and vice versa to suit your different needs. This fridge comes with a digital inverter technology that makes less noise while saving energy.

This refrigerator can handle voltage fluctuations in the region of 100V to 300V.

The presence of multiple airflow vents enables free movement of cold air to ensure uniform cooling. The Samsung refrigerator comes with exciting features like Moist Fresh Zone to control the air circulation, thereby ensuring the maintenance of optimal humidity.

The moveable ice maker is another excellent feature that provides the rapid formation of ice.

This refrigerator comes with a 3-star BEE rating for 2020, thereby making it one of the most energy-efficient refrigerators in India today.

The Power Cool/Freeze option is one of the best ones to ensure high-quality performance with the maximum power saving. This feature comprises a Cool Pack/Wall that ensures to maintain the cooling level for a maximum of 12 hours during a power outage.

This fridge comes with adequate space in the freezer compartment to accommodate all kinds of food.

The 5-in-1 convertible feature ensures that the consumer makes the optimum use of the appliance depending on the season, requirements, and space. The consumer can convert a portion of the entire freezer into a fridge if the requirements are such.

The control options on the door make it easy to set the temperature and other aspects without having to open the fridge.

The shelves, made of toughened glass, can bear up to 150kg. Hence, it is an ideal one to place your heavy Indian cookware items without risking the breakage of the glass shelves.

The sliding feature of the shelves makes it convenient for the user to reach out and find the food items located at the back.

The LED lighting feature illuminates every corner of the appliance and makes it easy to locate your food without having to switch on the room lights.


  • A 5-in-1 convertible feature allowing you to make optimum use of the space available
  • Excellent energy savings because of the digital inverter compressor
  • Cool Wall is a fantastic feature that helps maintain the cool and freshness during a power cut
  • Adequate storage space


  • Storing bottles can be an issue because the appliance has only one shelf on the door.

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6. Whirlpool 240 L Frost Free Multi-door Refrigerator – FP 263D

Whirlpool introduces this triple door refrigerator with some of the best features available in its segment. The best aspect of this fridge is that it provides high-quality cooling while ensuring the maximum power savings at the same time.

  • The capacity of 240 litres making it an ideal appliance for small to medium families
  • Adequate storage capacity in the Active Fresh Zone
  • Zeolite Technology to prevent ripening of fruits and vegetables
  • Moisture Retention technology
  • One-year warranty on the product
  • The compressor comes with a ten-year warranty

One of the best aspects of the triple-door Whirlpool refrigerator is the provision of three separate compartments for the fridge, freezer, and the vegetable box.

The advantage of such an arrangement is that there is no mixing of food odour. Apart from providing better cooling retention, this arrangement enables higher storage space.

This provision of a separate compartment for vegetables distinguishes this Whirlpool refrigerator from the others.

Moisture retention technology ensures that fruits and vegetables do not lose their crispiness. They remain fresh for a long time. Zeolite Technology prevents the excessive ripening of the vegetables and fruits, thereby ensuring their longevity.

Customized cooling technology is another excellent feature of this refrigerator. The freezer compartment comes with a customizable temperature knob that helps to select the ideal temperature depending on the ingredients stored inside it.

This fridge comes with MicroBlock Technology that uses a specific additive to prevent bacterial growth and keep the fruits and vegetables fresh for extended periods.

The air booster feature controls the circulation of air to ensure uniform cooling throughout the appliance.

This refrigerator has a separate Active Fresh Zone for storing fruits and vegetables. This zone comes with a storage capacity of 32 litres. The fridge has a separate storage zone for fruits to prevent the mixing of the odour with other foods.

The ice twister feature is an exciting one that enables convenient collection of the ice cubes with a smooth twist action.Pros

  • The unique three-door feature to ensure proper storage of food
  • MicroBlock technology to prevent contamination by bacteria
  • Excellent power savings as it consumes less than what a 60-watt CFL does in a month
  • Fantastic design with ergonomically placed handles
  • One of the fastest cooling performances


  • The bottom and top compartments do not have any lighting arrangements

7. BPL 564 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator – BRS564H

BPL comes up with a unique side-by-side refrigerator with a capacity of 524 litres to cater to families having more than five members. One of the best aspects of this refrigerator is that it features an external cold-water dispenser. Besides, it comes with excellent features that enable it to qualify as the best refrigerator in India under Rs 45,000.

  • Frost-free refrigerator with a capacity of 524 litres
  • Side-by-side refrigerator design to add to the aesthetics
  • Auto defrost
  • External cold-water dispenser
  • One-year warranty on the product
  • The compressor comes with a five-year warranty.

This BPL refrigerator is ideal for large Indian families. Though gigantic, it has some of the most subtle features you expect a fridge to have. The pull-out drawers are convenient features that improve the overall storage capacity. Besides, these drawers allow easy access to food stored at the back.

This fridge comes with Quick Cool technology that ensures the food retains its freshness for extended periods. The Quick Freeze function enables you to get your quota of ice cubes within no time.

The external cold-water dispenser serves multiple purposes. Besides being convenient, this appliance saves a lot of power because you do not have to open the fridge to get your glass of cold water.

The LED Touch Button allows easy access to the consumer to control the temperature settings easily. It is a power-saving feature because one can do it from outside the fridge.

This refrigerator comes with multiple air vents situated at vantage locations inside it to ensure a uniform distribution of cold air. Thus, the food remains fresh all the time.

The multi-airflow system also ensures that the refrigerator remains odourless irrespective of the number of times you open the door.

Despite its massive size, this refrigerator is one of the most silent performers in its segment. Besides saving power, it also eliminates unnecessary noise pollution.


  • Excellent pricing when compared to other side-by-side refrigerators
  • Eliminates noise pollution
  • Ample space inside the fridge for secure storage of food
  • The water dispenser is the highlighting feature
  • Aesthetic looks to add to the glamour of your kitchen


  • One has to fill the water dispenser manually
  • The massive size makes it a heavy appliance

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8. Whirlpool 190L 3-Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator – WDE 205 CLS 3S

This Whirlpool 190L refrigerator is ideal for small families comprising of two to three persons. It is one of the simplest refrigerators that come with excellent features. One of the highlights of this fridge is its extra-large freezer. Some of its fascinating features are as follows.

  • Direct Cool Technology
  • Single Door refrigerator
  • The capacity of 190 litres
  • 3-star energy rating
  • Nine hours of cooling retention
  • Large freezer
  • One-year warranty on the product with five years on the compressor

Though this refrigerator is a single door Direct Cool refrigerator, it is one of the most aesthetically designed appliances in its category. It boasts of some of the fascinating features like a robust recessed handle, large crisper, a spacious freezer, and easy-to-use ice trays.

The adjustable pair of front legs enable you to elevate it slightly so that the water flows down the drainpipe smoothly during defrosting.

This fridge comes with a unique 9-hours cooling retention feature. It works on the Advanced Insulated Capillary Technology that ensures the appliance maintains the cooling for a maximum of nine hours during power cuts.

The highlight of this refrigerator is the toughened glass shelves that can bear the weight of heavy utensils comfortably. This fridge comes with a Jumbo Bottle Rack to store up to three 2L bottles with ease.

This refrigerator works on Direct Cool Technology, which requires the user to defrost manually. This appliance comes with a simple defrosting procedure that operates with the use of a single button.

There is no need for an external stabiliser because the in-built stabilising mechanism can handle voltage fluctuations in the range of 100V to 300V.

During a power outage, you can connect this refrigerator to the home inverter, thereby ensuring that the food remains continually fresh. The Quick Chill Zone comes with stackable ice trays that provide the maximum freezer space.

The vegetable crisper is large enough to store your fruits and vegetables comfortably. It features an advanced moisture slider that works on the Honey-Comb Lock-In technology to prevent excess moisture formation. Therefore, your food items remain fresh for extended periods.


  • Simple mechanism but with the maximum of efficiency
  • Stabiliser free operations
  • Excellent storage capacity despite its small size
  • Cooling retention capacity


  • Manual defrosting required
  • Not ideal for families having more than three members

9. LG 190 L 4-star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator – GL-B201ASPY

This LG 190L refrigerator is one of the best refrigerators in India in its category because it had a 5-star rating in 2019. With BEE tightening up its norms for 2020, the rating has slipped to 4 stars. However, it is good enough to ensure excellent power savings.

  • Direct Cool refrigerator with a capacity of 190 litres
  • 4-star rating in 2020
  • Smart Inverter Compressor
  • Spill-proof toughened glass shelves
  • No need for an external stabiliser
  • One-year warranty on the product
  • Ten years on the compressor

This LG refrigerator is excellent on three fronts, as it is highly efficient, durable, and ensures excellent savings in power. The smart inverter compressor is designed to deliver unmatched performance. Besides saving energy, this compressor ensures that there is no noise pollution at all.

This fridge does not require the services of an external stabiliser because it can handle voltage fluctuations in the range of 90V to 310V comfortably.

This Direct Cool refrigerator is compatible with the home inverter. Therefore, there is no need to fear power cuts. Your home inverter can help to maintain the freshness of the food.

This refrigerator is the fastest among its peers when it comes to ice making. This procedure does not take more than 108 minutes. Another fascinating aspect of this fridge is the Moist-n-Fresh feature.

It includes a lattice-type box to maintain the moisture levels at the optimum. This technology ensures that the moisture from the vegetables and fruits evaporates and condenses on the lattice.

The toughened glass shelves present inside the fridge can bear as much as 175kg. Therefore, placing heavy utensils on the shelves should not be an issue at all.

This fridge features an anti-bacterial gasket for keeping the food hygienic and healthy for extended periods.


  • High-quality cooling with the help of a smart inverter compressor
  • Saves power and makes the minimal noise
  • Compatibility with the home inverter system


  • This refrigerator requires manual defrosting.
  • The compressor and other tubes are exposed to the elements at the backside of the fridge.

10. Samsung 192 L 4-star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator – RR20T182XR8/HL

Samsung, along with LG, offers refrigerators in almost all capacities. This 192-litre single door refrigerator is one of the best refrigerators in India under Rs 20,000.

  • Direct Cool technology
  • 192 L single door fridge
  • Digital inverter compressor
  • Additional storage for vegetables like onions and potatoes
  • One-year warranty on the product
  • 4-star energy rating

This refrigerator comes with a refreshing design that provides for extra space to store your vegetables that do not require refrigeration. There is space available inside the base stand drawer to store these vegetables.

This fridge comes with one of the most aesthetic looks amongst its peers. The Grande Door Design makes it look like a double-door refrigerator.

The fridge can work without the assistance of an external stabiliser because this appliance can handle voltage fluctuations in the working range of 100V to 300V with the utmost ease.

Unlike other single door refrigerators, this fridge comes with a back-cover to protect the cables and condenser tubes. Secondly, it makes it easy to clean the appliance. The cover also prevents dust from settling down on the pipes and affecting the overall performance of the refrigerator.

This fridge is different from the other appliances discussed above, as it can work on solar energy, as well. It is also compatible with the home inverter. Therefore, this appliance does not know what a power cut looks like.

Samsung provides a 10-year warranty on the compressor. This digital inverter compressor not only saves power but ensures to make as little noise as possible.

On the appearance front, this refrigerator is the best in the business because of the stylish bar handle. Besides providing a glamourous touch, it is one of the most convenient features of this refrigerator.


  • Excellent appearance complemented by its impeccable cooling performance
  • Additional space at the bottom to store vegetables that do not require refrigeration
  • Saves power, as is evident from the 4-star BEE rating
  • Capable of working on solar energy and the home inverter


  • Manual defrosting required
  • Not ideal for large families


There are mainly 5 types of refrigerators:


Single Door Refrigerator

As the name says, these refrigerators have a single door up front, which keeps the cold ambience within sealed. These are the most basic kind of refrigerators.

These are suitable for individuals, couples and small families. The freezer and vegetable box is contained inside the refrigerator itself.

We used to own a single door refrigerator for more than 10 years until it became faulty.


Double Door Refrigerator

These are bigger in size than single door refrigerators. As the name suggests, they have double doors up front.

One door covers the fridge compartment while another door covers the freezer compartment.

Since there are 2 separate doors, chances of heat escape remain low, regardless of how many times the refrigerators are opened. These are suitable for larger family sizes of 4-5 members.


As the name suggests, triple door refrigerators have three doors- one door for the refrigerator compartment, one for the vegetable compartment and another for the freezer compartment.

Odour mixing is avoided completely as the three compartments are separate. Some triple door refrigerators come with automatic ice dispensers.


Side by Side Refrigerator

These refrigerators look like a cupboard with two doors opening side by side. These refrigerators have very large capacities and may feature ice and water dispenser.

Refrigerators with water dispensers help in filing the glass without the need to open any door. While their cupboard like design gives enough space for storage, the opening of each door contains heat to escape from only half the refrigerator, thus saving on energy consumption.


This type of refrigerators has a reverse design than normal refrigerators. In these refrigerators, the fridge section is on the upper side and freezer section is on the bottom.

For the users, this means that they don’t have to bend every time they want to take out fruits and vegetables and other fresh food items.


The size of the family is a good measure to find the capacity of the refrigerator you will need.

You can decide the capacity you need by using the following chart:

Capacity of Refrigerator Based on Family Size

For a family size of 1 or 2, a refrigerator with a capacity of fewer than 200 Litres is enough.

For a family size of 3, a refrigerator with a capacity of 200 to 300 Litres is enough.

For a family size of 4, a refrigerator with a capacity of 250 to 350 Litres is enough.

For a family size of 5 or more, a refrigerator with a capacity of more than 300 Litres is enough.

For example, when we needed a new refrigerator, we bought a refrigerator with a capacity of 275 Litres since we are a family of 4 members. Want to know which refrigerator we bought and from where? Read on to know about it.


There are two types of refrigerators based on defrosting type:

Direct Cool vs Frost Free Refrigerators


Direct cool refrigerators produce chill through a natural convection process. All direct cool refrigerators usually need to be defrosted periodically. Direct cool refrigerators only come with single door option.

The direct cool refrigerator needs lesser electricity and hence is cheaper in running. If budget is a constraint or smaller capacities are required, then you can go in for Direct Cool.


In this type, the defrost cycle works in periodical intervals & removes the frost.

Nowadays almost all modern refrigerators are coming with frost free function. They use electric fans to evenly circulate cool air inside the fridge.

They consume more power than direct cool refrigerators. Frost-free refrigerators usually have a longer life.


EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) indicates the energy efficiency quotient of the refrigerator. Stars varying from 1 to 5 tell how much electricity units will the refrigerator consume, with 1 being the most and 5 being the least.

Energy Ratings of Refrigerator

This is the amount of electricity consumption by the refrigerator in a year (kWh per year). Keep in mind that cost also increases with increasing stars.

Note- Don’t fix your complete focus on star rating. In India, the energy rating system is still not completely reliable like developed countries.

Go with a refrigerator which satisfies your needs and then see the star rating. Even 2 and 3 stars are good if the refrigerator has awesome features.

I bought myself a 3-star refrigerator. This is just to tell you that don’t get too obsessed about 5-star ratings.

Note: Triple door refrigerators do not come with an energy star rating.


The inverter technology helps in saving electricity. It also extends the compressor’s life. Just like inverter AC, refrigerators also come with this technology.

It works by switching the compressor to a lower capacity when the temperature falls below the set temperature. When cooling is required, the compressor functions at maximum capacity again.

This process translates to a saving of about 20 to 30 per cent of the electricity consumed. I recommend you should go with a refrigerator with inverter technology.


Refrigerators come equipped with several features in different combinations which are listed below:


There are 3 types of shelves: wired, acrylic or tempered glass. Tempered glass shelves are usually the strongest.


Many refrigerators have adjustable shelves which can be moved to make space for larger items.


Water and ice dispensers serve cold water or without opening the fridge door. However, these dispensers need a continuous supply of water.


A quick-freeze compartment in a fridge is useful for those who need ice frequently and at short notice.


Separators help to separate fruits and vegetables in a different box. This essentially helps to organise the refrigerator better.


The deodorizer removes odour particles from food using powerful filters and keeps the air fresh inside the refrigerator.


Make sure to check the noise level of the fridge. Good refrigerators don’t make too much noise.


Moisture control helps fruits and vegetables to remain fresh for longer periods of time.


It is important to keep the fridge protected from voltage fluctuations. Along with an external voltage stabilizer with low/high voltage cutoff, refrigerators with built-in stabilizers will go a long way in extending the life of your fridge.


During power outages, the Cool Pack feature in the freezer comes to the rescue. It contains a cooling gel that ensures cool air is circulated within the refrigerator even during long periods of power cuts.


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Buying Refrigerator Online

Final Words – Wrapping it up

After all, you put your hard-earned money into buying this essential machine for your house. A little bit of caution in the initial stages can save you a lot of money. This is what everyone is looking for.

We have just seen the features of the top Refrigerators available in the market. Each of these refrigerators is a masterpiece. They can ensure prompt cooling and save power as well at the same time.

Your hard-earned money is at stake. Hence, it is advisable to make a correct choice. If you have any queries regarding the selection of best refrigerator in India, post them in the comments section below and I’ll try to answer them.

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