Why Logical Reviews?

In this first post, we will discuss why should you use LogicalReviews.in and how does it work.

Planning to buy an Ac for the coming summers?
Should you buy this Ac or you should extend your budget to 5000 more and buy the other option?
Will it be worth it?
Either 3 star Ac is fine or should you buy a 5 star Ac??

Confused, now you go through thousands of reviews listed and spend hours choosing the one you should buy but you still are not sure!

You go to other review websites and you find articles 5 pages long! You don’t want to go through them! 
Maybe you just want to understand if waiting for the next update for a mobile is better or to buy the existing option??

When your money is involved you just want the best! Something that is worth the money you are spending!!
And that makes sense as well! Why settle for less! Why!

That is how Logical Reviews came into being! To help you select the best product out of the pool! That is worth the money you pay!

How does it work?

  • At Local reviews here is a market research team which researches for the best products available online and all the best selling products the people are trying to buy so we cover maximum to maximum products that you might be thinking of buying right now.
  • Those products are then sent to a technical team who judges those products on the basis of their technical specifications and the material used to make those products and if they are worth it or not?? Will they last or not?
  • The review team meanwhile goes through all the review data posted on Amazon and other places about the product all over the internet, and reviews from our mystery shoppers who keep updating us with reviews as they keep using the product over the period of time.
  • Then all of the data is compiled, critically analyzed and then we give our opinion about the best buy for you!

What if there is no review for the product I am trying to buy?

We constantly keep updating the products!

In case you don’t find a review for the product, you can write to us and we will reach out to you within 24 hours.

In case you would ever need instant review, you can drop your number and we can arrange a call for you with our analyst.

What categories will you be posting?

We have started with bestselling categories which includes  product that poses maximum confusion to buyers,

We will keep posting more and more product reviews regularly.

What if I want to request a category?

You may write to us at admin@logicalreviews.in or fill-up the form on the Contact Us page and we will update it for you?

Looking for people to work with us:

In case you think you can contribute to us in any way, reach out to us, we will be glad to explore the opportunity!

Good luck buying!

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